Air Treatment and Odor Control with Ozone

Airborne contaminants and odors can come from various sources. Some can be annoying, while others can negatively impact health. Other traditional cleaning methods like additional ventilation, UV light, or air purifiers do not work. In commercial or industrial settings, these contaminants or odors can also affect the safety and performance of employees.Ozone, when introduced into the atmosphere in low levels is an excellent air purifier. When an ozone molecule contacts a pollutant, it attaches itself to it and changes its molecular structure in most cases to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By destroying viruses, bacteria and other microbiological contaminants, the source of the odour is eliminated and the odour does not return. Ozone destroys the contaminant molecule; it does not mask it as other methods do. Ozone treats all of the air, not just the air that is pulled into it as do the vast majority of electronic filters that are on the market today

Benefits for Air Treatment and Odor Control with ozone

1.Fast Acting


3.Eliminates Odor

4.Improve Air Quality and Work Environment

What are ozone-generating air cleaners?

Some indoor “air cleaners” emit ozone either intentionally or as a by-product of their design. Those that intentionally emit ozone are often called “ozone generators” Manufacturers and marketers of air cleaners or purifiers sometimes use words like “activated oxygen,” “super oxygen,” “trivalent oxygen,” “allotropic oxygen,” “saturated oxygen,” “mountain-fresh air,” “energized oxygen” or other terms when talking about ozone.

 Ozone is able to be used in many applications to improve air quality, including odor control in industrial settings, food storage applications, medical care facilities, greenhouses, barns, and more. Ozone can efficiently and effectively disinfect large air volumes by removing viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and molds. 

How ozone generator works during air purification:

The ozone generator for air purifier offers many advantages over other types of air purifiers. During air purification the process involved in ozone generator is very simple.

 Ozone generator uses various methods for the generation of ozone among which corona discharge is the most widely used method. When ozone comes in contact with its surrounding environment, it will convert the polluted air into a clean air by wiping out the odors and destroying various microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, germs, molds, yeasts etc., and particles like dust, smoke, liquid droplets, chemicals and pollen etc. Ozone generator air purifier circulates entire area and reduces the overall concentration of any airborne pollutants and leaving the air free of foul odors.

Ozone generator air purifier: How does it help you to create a healthier environment?

In these days, air quality is an essential part of any living or working space. Hence, awareness and application of ozone generator has steadily increased. Ozone generator is widely used in many residential, commercial and industrial applications, ranging from water purification to improving air quality, killing microbes, laundry, etc.


Ozone generator is the most widely used type of air purifier. Ozone after its oxidation process creates a healthier environment/space by simply reverts to oxygen leaving no residues. Ozone (O3) has the potential to reach high levels to destroy air pollutants that are suspended in the air and hence prevent airborne diseases.

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