Total Colony Count –  Concept

The total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies grown from the test sample per gram (per milliliter) under certain conditions (such as aerobic conditions, nutritional conditions, pH, culture temperature and time, etc.). According to the national standard method, that is, the total number of bacterial colonies that can grow on […]

Do ozone generators work in cars

As we all know, ozone generators can clean the air efficiently and quickly. As a very common means of transportation, many people travel by car. However, due to limited space and few places for ventilation, most cars always have peculiar smells in their cars. This odor is not only unpleasant, but also makes some passengers […]

A Preliminary Study on the Inhibitory Effect of Ozone on Shrimps Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO)

Abstract: Shrimps melanosis is caused by the formation of melanin as result of a series of biochemical reactions of tyrosine or its derivatives, such as water-soluble chromosome substances under the action of polyphenol oxidase (PPO). This article takes shrimps of East sea as testing object for studying and comparing the impacts of different ozone concentrations and […]

Ozone Can Make Seafood Last Longer in Cold Storage Room

Cold storage rooms stores all kinds of food including vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc. Injecting ozone into the air in the cold storage room can keep the indoor environment free of bacteria. Therefore, the bacterial activity on the surface of stored food is very low. It is also found that vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and […]

Ozone generator use in drinking water

ozone drinking water system for drinking water

1. What is ozone generator and why we use ozone generator for drinking water?  Ozone, also known as trioxygen, has the chemical formula O3 and is composed of three oxygen atoms  Ozone generator is one of the most power oxidation tools water treatment professionals have for purification and disinfection.  Ozone generator is a compact, integrated and ready to […]

Safety Precautions for Using Ozone Generators

qlozone ozone generator

O3 is a powerful oxidizer that will eliminate most odors, long-term exposure is not recommended agencies because it can contribute to eye and respiratory irritation. Ozone appearance and odour: Ozone is colourless at all concentrations experianced in the industry. It has a pungent characteristics odour usually associated with electrical sparks. The odour is generally detectable […]

Our Customer Ozone Treatment Feedback

ozone water treatment

5 Set of 100G/H Oxygen Source Ozone Generator For Sewage wastewater Purification Treatment. The role of ozone in sewage treatment:1. Degrade refractory macromolecules and organic substances; ozone can decompose refractory biodegradable organic substances and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage. 2. Decolorization and deodorization; ozone removes pollutants such as color, smell, taste and […]

Why Should We Use Ozone Generator In Household ?

People’s concerns about improving environmental pollution, their urgency to improve their quality of life, and their demands and voices to protect their health are increasing day by day. It is because people’s attention to food safety is at an all-time high, so health home appliances have also emerged, especially air purification equipment such as ozone […]

Decolorization Report

ozone water treatment

About Industrials Ozone Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen with strong oxidizing properties. It can not only easily oxidize unsaturated organics in wastewater, but also make ring-opening and partial oxidation of aromatic compounds to improve the biodegradability of wastewater. Ozone is extremely unstable and decomposes into oxygen at room temperature. The biggest advantage of treating […]

Is Ozone Harmful to Humans?

ozone water treatment

Ozone is both harmful and beneficial to humans. Many things are not one-sided, and so is ozone. It is undoubtedly misleading if it is not a specific analysis of the specific situation, but a generalization. Even the water that is indispensable to the human body can cause water poisoning under special circumstances (drinking a large […]