Ozone Can Make Seafood Last Longer in Cold Storage Room

Cold storage rooms stores all kinds of food including vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc. Injecting ozone into the air in the cold storage room can keep the indoor environment free of bacteria. Therefore, the bacterial activity on the surface of stored food is very low. It is also found that vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and […]

Ozone generator use in drinking water

ozone drinking water system for drinking water

1. What is ozone generator and why we use ozone generator for drinking water?  Ozone, also known as trioxygen, has the chemical formula O3 and is composed of three oxygen atoms  Ozone generator is one of the most power oxidation tools water treatment professionals have for purification and disinfection.  Ozone generator is a compact, integrated and ready to […]

Our Customer Ozone Treatment Feedback

ozone water treatment

5 Set of 100G/H Oxygen Source Ozone Generator For Sewage wastewater Purification Treatment. The role of ozone in sewage treatment:1. Degrade refractory macromolecules and organic substances; ozone can decompose refractory biodegradable organic substances and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage. 2. Decolorization and deodorization; ozone removes pollutants such as color, smell, taste and […]

Decolorization Report

ozone water treatment

About Industrials Ozone Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen with strong oxidizing properties. It can not only easily oxidize unsaturated organics in wastewater, but also make ring-opening and partial oxidation of aromatic compounds to improve the biodegradability of wastewater. Ozone is extremely unstable and decomposes into oxygen at room temperature. The biggest advantage of treating […]

Is Ozone Harmful to Humans?

ozone water treatment

Ozone is both harmful and beneficial to humans. Many things are not one-sided, and so is ozone. It is undoubtedly misleading if it is not a specific analysis of the specific situation, but a generalization. Even the water that is indispensable to the human body can cause water poisoning under special circumstances (drinking a large […]

What is Pool Ozone? How It Works, Cost?

ozone for swimming pool

Swimming pool problem The swimming pool becomes “green”? The waterbecomes dirty? And green algae breed in the bottom and walkways of the swimming pool. Swimming pool water quality is an important issue, which is closely related to health and safety. Swimming pool disinfection is an important step in swimming pool water treatment. The era of […]

Application of Ozone in Agriculture

ozone water for agriculture

Many pesticides are used in agriculture in our country, and environmental pollution has become a social problem. Ozone has strong oxidizing power and bactericidal effect. As a means to prevent phytotoxicity and environmental pollution, it is being applied in various industries, such as sterilization and disinfection of facility gardening (liquid cultivation), seedling cultivation, preservation, etc., and low-concentration […]

How does ozone water keep fruit and vegetables fresh

ozone water for pitaya washing

Fresh fruit and vegetables are organic and release a ripening agent from which bacteria would grow and cause them to rot later. Ozone oxidizes and destroys the ripening agent and causes it to break down so that fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. The role of ozone: 1 Decomposition of pesticides, hormones and toxins: Ozone […]