Ozone For Swimming Pool

Swimming pool disinfection, do you have these concerns ?

Mainly traditional methods with below effects: the use of swimming pool ozone generator disinfection system has the following effects:

1. The hypochlorous acid and its derivatives produced by chlorination seriously corrode the water treatment system and the equipment and structures in the museum, such as grilles, heating, etc.

2. Chlorine preparations In order to make the water blue, chlorine preparations are often used to add copper sulfate in swimming pools, which is particularly harmful to people.

3. After adding chlorinated preparations, the pH value of the water will inevitably change, making people feel uncomfortable, and it is necessary to add alkaline or acidic substances to neutralize them, which will stimulate the respiratory tract and the human body, etc.

For a long time, iodide and chloride, and even liquid chlorine, have been used for sterilization and disinfection of swimming pools, and poisoning incidents have occurred frequently. It was not until the development of ozone technology in the 20th century that ozone entered the field of water quality treatment and showed its superiority more and more. Ozone has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, which can quickly and completely eliminate viruses and bacteria in swimming pool water. Similarly, the generated ozone will also change the organic matter, chromaticity, protein-like ammonia in the water into inorganic matter such as water and carbon dioxide.

Using an ozone generator to disinfect swimming pool water has the following four advantages:

1. Strong bactericidal power and fast speed. Ozone kills commonly found bacteria such as Escherichia coli, hundreds of times faster than chlorine, and has an effective killing effect on viruses and bacteria in prokaryotes.

2. The swimming pool ozone generator can prevent the accumulation of organic pollutants, improve water quality, decolorize, kill pathogenic microorganisms, and the treated water can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

3. Swimming pool ozone generator can effectively reduce pollutants in water, reduce the formation of by-products (monochloramine, dichloramine, trichloramine, chloroform, etc.) after chlorination of organic pollutants, and protect swimmers of physical health.

4. During the treatment process, the residual ozone in the water returning to the swimming pool will not exceed the safe limit, and the air can be sterilized and purified to make the indoor air fresh and comfortable.

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