Ozone Grain Storage Scheme

Ozone grain storage is a technological solution that utilizes ozone gas to protect grain quality. Odor has strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties, which can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and microorganisms in grains, extend the storage period of grains, and improve the quality and food safety of grains. This article will introduce the principle and application of ozone grain storage scheme, as well as its importance and prospects in agricultural production.

1.The principle of ozone storage of grain

The principle of ozone storage of grain is to protect the quality of grain through the killing effect of ozone on microorganisms and the oxidation and decomposition of harmful substances in grain. Odor molecules have three atoms and strong oxidizing properties, which can destroy the cell walls and membranes of microorganisms and cause their death. At the same time, odor can also oxidize and decompose harmful substances such as fungal toxins and pesticide residues in grains, reducing their harm to grains.

2.Grain processing

Oxygen storage technology can also be applied in grain processing, such as flour processing, pastry making, etc. Through ozone treatment, harmful substances in grain can be removed, pesticide residues and fungal toxins in food can be reduced, and the quality and safety of food can be improved.

3.Preservation of agricultural products

Ozone grain storage technology can also be applied to the preservation treatment of agricultural products. If vegetables, meat, etc. are treated with ozone, they can be sterilized and disinfected, extending the shelf life of agricultural products, reducing food loss and waste.

Importance and prospects of ozone grain storage

Ozone grain storage technology has important significance and broad prospects in agricultural production. On the one hand, ozone grain storage can effectively inhibit the reproduction of moulds and micro-organisms in grain, reduce grain loss, and improve the quality and palatability of grain; on the other hand, ozone grain storage technology can replace traditional pesticides and antiseptics, reduce pollution to the environment and human beings, and comply with the requirements of sustainable agricultural development.

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