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Qlozone QL-Multi-parameter-ORP/PH online Water Detector for Aquaculture

Brand: Qlozone
Product Name: Water Online Detector
Cabinet dimension: 480*460*1200mm
PH: 0-14.00PH, Resolution:0.01PH , Precision:±1%FS
To configure: PH/ORP/Dissolved oxygen/Temperature/Ammonia nitrogen
Ammonia nitrogen: 0-1000mg ,Resolution: 0.1mg/L
Temperature: 0-100℃,Resolution:0.1℃,Precision:±0.5℃

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Multi-parameter water quality online analyzer

The multi-parameter water quality online analysis system integration platform can directly integrate multiple water quality online analysis parameters into one machine, and centrally view and manage on the touch screen panel display. The system integrates water quality online analysis, data remote transmission, database and analysis software, and system calibration functions, which provides great convenience for modern water quality data collection and analysis.

The sample and analysis part inside the cabinet can be flexibly matched (Note: the specific parameters are subject to the actual order parameters). Conventional parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity can be combined
or expanded according to the actual needs of different customers. The waterway part adopts the latest application research results of the company – a series flow analysis device. It requires very little water and is highly real-time. A small sample of water
flows through various sensors and is ordered according to different technical characteristics and response sequences. When the water sample passes through the circulation device, all the parameters are captured in real time, and the continuous expansion of the external large unit can also be realized.

To configure
PH/ORP/Dissolved oxygen/Temperature/Ammonia nitrogen
0-14.00PH, Resolution:0.01PH , Precision:±1%FS
0-5.00mg/L, Resolution:0.01mg/L, Precision:±3%FS
Dissolved oxygen
Ammonia nitrogen
0-1000mg ,Resolution: 0.1mg/L
Power supply
AC 220V±10%
Working environment
Storage environment
Relative humidity:≤85% RH(No condensation)
Cabinet dimension


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