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Our blog channel provides you with cases and knowledge of ozone water treatment and ozone air treatment;  technical articles on ozone gennerator, oxygen generator, aquaculture.etc and the latest industry news.

Ozone Use For Spa

The Use of Ozone Generators in Spas: Benefits and Considerations Introduction Ozone generators have gained popularity in various industries for their ability to efficiently sanitize

Application of Ozonated Water System

What area can ozonated water be applied to? QLOZONE will share with you about the application areas and role of ozonated water. 1.Ozone Oil. Ozone

Ozonated Water for Fish Gelatin Cleaning

Fish gelatin is a dried product of the fish swim bladder (an auxiliary respiratory organ), which is rich in gelatin, hence the name fish glue. Fish

Application of ozone water

Ozone can effectively remove organic matter, chromaticity, and odors from water. Ozone can oxidize and decompose organic matter, including dissolved organic matter, benzene, formaldehyde, etc.,

Ozone Water Treatment For Water tank

Ozone has a greater ability to disinfect water of bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination. To properly disinfect water with chlorine or ozone there must

Advantages of Ozone For Cold Rooms

Ozone systems in cold storage offer several benefits. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant with antimicrobial properties that can effectively inactivate bacterial spores, molds, yeasts, protozoa,

Ozone generator for shrimp fish ponds

What is Ozone Generator for Aquaculture/ Fish Farming? An ozone generator for aquaculture is a device that produces ozone gas, which is used to treat

Ozone in recirculating aquaculture systems(RAS)

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) offer potential advantages over traditional fish farming . These include flexibility in site selection, reduced water use, lower wastewater volumes, better

Ozone Used In Nuclear Waste Water Treatment

Recently, Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company Corporation injected seawater into the nuclear contaminated water discharge tunnel of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and found that

Advantages and applications of ozone

Ozone, as an efficient and safe oxidant, has been widely used in many fields. Its application can not only improve product quality, reduce production costs, but

Application of ozone generator in farm

The main application methods of ozone in farms Ozone can effectively remove odor and ammonia in pig farms, decompose odors, and purify the air. After

Total Colony Count –  Concept

Total Colony Count – Concept The total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies grown from the test sample per gram

Ozone For Aquaculture Treatment

With the rapid development of aquaculture in China, various advanced water treatment technologies have been widely used, such as sand filtration, microbial purification, ultraviolet sterilization

Ozone used to sterilize washing machine

The process of ozone sterilization belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction. There are three principles. One is to oxidize and decompose the enzymes required for the

Ozone generator application in poultry farming

1.Ozone generator disinfection technology has come into the farming industry because of its broad-spectrum, efficient, green and safe disinfection properties. The application of ozone generator

Ozone Nano Bubble Treatment

Nanobubbles are miniature size gas bubbles in liquids, less than 200 nm in diameter, which have several unique physical properties. Longevity, virtual disappearance of buoyancy, high

Ozone generator for Food Processing

Ozone has a long history of use as a disinfectant in food and beverage processing. Agriculture`s Food Safety Inspection Service approved ozone for use on

Ozone in recirculating aquaculture systems

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) have potential advantages over pond or cage culture forms. These include flexibility in siting, reduced water usage, reduced effluent volumes, better

Why use air purifier ozone generator

With the development of technology, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. There are many kinds of air purifiers on the

Air Treatment and Odor Control with Ozone

Airborne contaminants and odors can come from various sources. Some can be annoying, while others can negatively impact health. Other traditional cleaning methods like additional

Application of ozone in swimming pool

Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfectant that can be used in swimming pools to replace chlorine and bromine containing sanitizing chemicals. When ozone is

ozone gas tester

How to repair the ozone air tester?

Now ozone air tester is a universal but precise instrument for measuring ozone. Since it is a machine, it is inevitable that there will be problems.

Chlorine VS Ozone For Swimming Pools

Health Hazards of Chlorine Swimming Pools Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard. New research suggests that children who

Ozone For Swimming Pool

Swimming pool disinfection, do you have these concerns ? Mainly traditional methods with below effects: the use of swimming pool ozone generator disinfection system has


What is ozone used for? Ozone has a wide range of uses due to its excellent sterilization, detoxification, bleaching, and deodorization capabilities: 1. Improvement of

Ozone for denim factory decolourisation

Ozone has strong decolorization, deodorization and odor removal capabilities, and it can avoid chlorine and other odors. It is reported that when the ozone load

Advantages Of Ozone Generator For Greenhouses

Using ozone for greenhouses differs from using fungicides on plants in general. The general fungicide has a cumulative and progressive bactericidal effect, whereas ozone has

Ozone for wine

1.Significance of sterilization in wine industry In the processing and production of wine, beer and beverage, the control of bacteria and microorganisms is an extremely

Total Colony Count –  Concept

The total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies grown from the test sample per gram (per milliliter) under certain conditions

Do ozone generators work in cars

As we all know, ozone generators can clean the air efficiently and quickly. As a very common means of transportation, many people travel by car.

ozone drinking water system for drinking water

Ozone generator use in drinking water

1. What is ozone generator and why we use ozone generator for drinking water?  Ozone, also known as trioxygen, has the chemical formula O3 and is

qlozone ozone generator

Safety Precautions for Using Ozone Generators

O3 is a powerful oxidizer that will eliminate most odors, long-term exposure is not recommended agencies because it can contribute to eye and respiratory irritation.

ozone water treatment

Our Customer Ozone Treatment Feedback

5 Set of 100G/H Oxygen Source Ozone Generator For Sewage wastewater Purification Treatment. The role of ozone in sewage treatment:1. Degrade refractory macromolecules and organic

Why Should We Use Ozone Generator In Household ?

People’s concerns about improving environmental pollution, their urgency to improve their quality of life, and their demands and voices to protect their health are increasing

ozone water treatment

Decolorization Report

About Industrials Ozone Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen with strong oxidizing properties. It can not only easily oxidize unsaturated organics in wastewater, but also

ozone water treatment

Is Ozone Harmful to Humans?

Ozone is both harmful and beneficial to humans. Many things are not one-sided, and so is ozone. It is undoubtedly misleading if it is not

ozone for swimming pool

What is Pool Ozone? How It Works, Cost?

Swimming pool problem The swimming pool becomes “green”? The waterbecomes dirty? And green algae breed in the bottom and walkways of the swimming pool. Swimming

ozone water for agriculture

Application of Ozone in Agriculture

Many pesticides are used in agriculture in our country, and environmental pollution has become a social problem. Ozone has strong oxidizing power and bactericidal effect. As

ozone generator for supermarket

Ozone generator for air purifying

What is ozone? Ozone is made of oxygen molecules. The type of oxygen we are most familiar with, the kind we breathe every day, is