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Ozone water application in agriculture

Disinfection in agriculture moves towards a reduction in the consumption of synthetic chemicals. With Qlozone you can alternatively apply ozone without affecting the volume and quality of food production.

In addition to the pathogens present in the soil, water also poses high risks to crops

The ozone molecule is a powerful oxidizing agent

Using ozone will allow the elimination of all pathogens present in the water.

The treatment of water with ozone makes it possible to have no consumption of reagents, as it only uses the oxygen present in the air.

Spraying with water with ozone

The oxidizing power of ozone and the high concentration of oxygen allow the plant to increase its healing speed. Ozone water can be applied after harvesting or pruning, to protect plants thanks to ozone’s disinfecting and healing capacity.

The sprayed ozone water keeps the plant’s wounds free of pathogens and at the same time accelerates healing, thus protecting the plant from various diseases that arise after harvesting or pruning.

Irrigation with ozone water

With O3Waves, ozone is dissolved in water for use in irrigation. The ozone present in the water is able to decontaminate soils overloaded with chemical residues from the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

The ozone present in the water acts at the level of the rhizosphere, restoring the natural physicochemical characteristics of the soil, creating more spongy and oxygenated soils, leading to a better absorption of nutrients by the plant roots.

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