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The use of ozone in swimming pools

Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfection agent and can be used in swimming pools to replace chlorine and bromine containing disinfection chemicals. The advantage of the use of ozone compared to the other swimming pool treatment agents is the fact that the swimming environment will increase dramatically.

The use of ozone prevents the formation of chlorine or bromine containing byproducts, like chloramines and trihalomethanes. Ozone will even breakdown already formed unwanted chlorinated byproducts. This will reduce problems with red eyes and respiration problems. Ozone will give a sparklier and clearer bathing water. The use of ozone has also the advantage for the swimming pool operator that less fresh water replacement is necessary, which has a big effect on the heating cost.


1.Quick Disinfection

The disinfection occurs over at the filter system in a matter of seconds and then it is gone!  

2.Destroys Irritants

Instantly destroys irritants like chloramines eliminating chlorine odours, itchy skin and sore eyes.Ozone has no toxic or harm residues in comparison to chlorine which is known to create irritating chloramines. Ozone will prevent eye irritations and does not discolour bathers.

3.Enriched Water

Returns only pure, oxygen-enriched water to your pool.

4. More powerful

Treating water with ozone and UV light adds no chemicals to the pool water and is 200 times more powerful than chlorine, reacting with contaminants 3000 times faster.

5. Works instantly

Destroys algae spores, contaminants, viruses, and bacteria instantly and can easily be added to any new or existing pool.

6. Low traces of sanitiser

A mineral magnesium system produces low traces of sanitiser that deal with pool contaminants in the water constantly.What the ozone and UV system does is allow the sanitiser to be run at low levels which do not impact on water chemistry and pool equipment.

7. Renewable resources

Ozone and UV light are both naturally occur in nature.They are nature’s renewable resources. Ozone and UV light oxidise organic and inorganic matter without forming by-products such as chloramines (which are responsible for the chlorine smell.

8. Reduces the need for Chlorine

The use of chlorine and UV light reduces the need for chlorine by up to 80%.

9. No chlorine odours

Ozone and UV light removes chlorine odours.

Customer Case:

Ozone is besides an effective disinfection agent also a coaggulation agent, which will increase the performance of the sand- and active carbon filter.

In these norms amongst others a temperature dependent ozone dose is used. For swimming pools with a water temperature of 28°C or 33 – 35°C an ozone dosage of respectively 0.8 and 1.2 gram per m3 is used.

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