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Ozone Water Machine

All in One System Ozone Water Generator Combined Mixing Tank & Mixing Pump. Rotating the gun tip can be adjusted the water pressure. Pressure gauge also can be set up output water pressure. Suitable for agricultural irrigation, repelling pests, and promoting the growth of plant vegetation

• Over-temperature over current protection

• Integrate ozone generators, oxygen concentrator, gas liquid mixing pump

• Ready to use upon delivery

•Back water protection

• High ozone water production

• Advanced air-cooling water cooling

• Easy and simple control,compact design

• Very efficient with excellent mass transfer of ozone

Model: QL-OWS-10G QL-OWS-20G QL-OWS-30G
Ozone Output:
Ozone Concentration:
Treat Flow Rate:
0.4~2.8 m3/h
1~3.5 m3/h
1~3.5 m3/h
Outlet Diameter:
1/2 '''
3/4 ''
3/4 ''
Inlet Diameter:
3/4 ''

Agriculture Water System

Ozone water can be used to prevent and control diseases and insect pests in the soil: Generally speaking, spraying ozone water is better than ozone gas for disease prevention. When ozone is dissolved in water, it has a stronger and faster sterilization and disinfection effect. For example, repeated spraying with ozone water before the occurrence of tomato leaf mold and gray mold has the effect of preventing the disease and preventing the spread of the disease.

Ozone Ice for Seafood Storage

Ozone gas can be dissolved into water with an ozone injection system, then fed into an ice making machine that will then freeze that ozone dissolved into the water to produce ozonated ice. This process will essentially store the ozone within the ice, creating what is commonly refereed to as ozonated ice. This ozonated ice can be used in the storage of fish to prolong shelf-life and maintain a fresher, better looking product to the end user.

Waste Water

Degrade refractory macromolecules and organic substances; ozone can decompose refractory biodegradable organic substances and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage.

Washing Fruit and Vegetable

As a disinfectant and stain remover, ozone has the potential to create sanitary conditions suitable for demanding market niches due to its ability to eliminate all types of microorganisms and decompose all chemical traces of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and hydrocarbons

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