Ozone For Cold Rooms

Problems in the preservation of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables become rotten after being picked for a period of time because they are infested by microorganisms, therefore, to effectively preserve fruits and vegetables, microorganisms should be controlled. At this stage, low-temperature storage is the more commonly used method of preservation of fruits and vegetables, […]

What species of bacteria that can be killed by Ozone

The bactericidal effect of ozone is a biological oxidation process. The strong oxidation effect of ozone causes various components in microbial cells to oxidize, resulting in irreversible changes and death. It is generally believed that ozone kills viruses by directly destroying their ribonucleic acid (RNA) or DNA substances. To kill bacteria and fungi, ozone first […]

Principle of ozone deodorization

Principle of ozone deodorization Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability. In its application, it can quickly decompose substances that produce odor and other odors, such as amine, hydrogen sulfide, methylol, etc., and ozone oxidizes them to generate small molecular substances that are nontoxic and odorless. Depending on its strong oxidation performance, it can quickly decompose […]

Ozone Remove Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Ozone Remove Formaldehyde (HCHO) Everyone knows that excessive formaldehyde content in households can have a great impact on the human body. When we happily decorate our love nest, harmful substances containing formaldehyde will always remain to some extent. Therefore, everyone will use different methods to remove formaldehyde. Some old friends use ozone machines to remove […]

Advantages of Ozone For Cold Rooms

Ozone systems in cold storage offer several benefits. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant with antimicrobial properties that can effectively inactivate bacterial spores, molds, yeasts, protozoa, and viruses. By using ozone, cold room operators can reduce their reliance on chemical disinfectants, minimize waste, and save energy. The ozone system has been shown to improve food safety […]

Advantages and applications of ozone

Ozone, as an efficient and safe oxidant, has been widely used in many fields. Its application can not only improve product quality, reduce production costs, but also ensure environmental protection effects and have a positive impact on the healthcare industry. Firstly, ozone has been widely used in water treatment. When organic compounds, foaming agents, and residual […]

Application of ozone generator in farm

The main application methods of ozone in farms Ozone can effectively remove odor and ammonia in pig farms, decompose odors, and purify the air. After using ozone, the air quality has been significantly improved. The air disinfection ozone generator generates ozone into the breeding shed. First, it decomposes and reacts with the odor emitted by […]

Total Colony Count –  Concept

Total Colony Count – Concept The total number of colonies refers to the total number of bacterial colonies grown from the test sample per gram (per milliliter) under certain conditions (such as aerobic conditions, nutritional conditions, pH, culture temperature and time, etc.). According to the national standard method, that is, the total number of bacterial […]

Ozone generator for Child Care and Schools – Daily Disinfection

Ozone is a kind of fishy light blue gas, the atmosphere also contains a small amount of ozone, but the concentration is generally low in 0.02mg/m3, according to the authoritative experts: the ozone concentration in the atmosphere is less than 02mg/m3, no harm to the human body, but also purify the air, only for a […]

Ozone used to sterilize washing machine

The process of ozone sterilization belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction. There are three principles. One is to oxidize and decompose the enzymes required for the glucose inside the bacteria to inactivate and kill the bacteria; the other is to directly interact with bacteria and viruses to destroy their organelles, DNA and RNA. The metabolism of […]