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Qlozone Doz-30 Portable Dissolved Ozone Water Meter

Brand: Qlozone
Product Name: Doz-30 Ozone Water Tester
Screen:22 * 32 mm Multi-line LCD screen
Test temperature:0.0 – 100.0°C / 32 – 212°F
Precision:0.01 ppm
Accuracy:±1% F.S
Size/Weight:164*37*40mm / 0.1kg
Customized support:OEM, ODM
Automatic power off:6 minutes no press button
Storage function:10 groups

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ozone mater is, Low range, 0-10mg/L.

A unique beads polishing system incorporated at the electrode system maintains the electrode in good working condition, free of interferences at the gold microelectrode, and ensures stable measurement.

The meter also indicates the sample temperature and includes a built-in-clock. The instrument can store one set of results (measurement, temperature and time) in memory for later retrieval. Power is provided by two standard AA batteries which have an operating life of up to 50 hours.

Measuring range
0-10.00 mg/L
0.01 mg/L
±1% F.S.
Temperature measurement range
Operating temperature range


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