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Qlozone QLO 50g Ozone Generator

1.The machine has built-in oxygen generating unit, highozone concentration, ozone generating unit, no oil andair pressure,The machine is filtered and the equipmentcan be powered on.
2.The operation is convenient and simple. With the use ofthe system, ozone is continuously generated and ozoneconcentration can be adjusted.
3.The machine adopts stainless steel case, beautiful, cor-rosion resistant and oxidation resistant.
4.The tube has high conversion efficiency, low energyconsumption, continuous work and long service life

5.Air cooling + water cooling double cooling systemensures long time stable operation of main engine.

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Model QLO-30G QLO-50G
Output 30G 50G
Rated power 800w 1100w
Ozone concentration 60-80mg/L 80-120mg/L
Applicable to water 10-15m³/h 20-30m³/h
Equipment size 50*40*91cm 50*40*115cm
Packing size 50*60*98cm(wooden) 61*51*130cm(wooden)
N/G 44.4/53kg 52/65kg
Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling
Power supply/voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Applicable air oxygen source oxygen source

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