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Qlozone 1/2inch Static Mixer

Static Mixer is used for effectively mixing gas with liquid ortwo liquid after the venturi iniector. The device consists ofmier elements contained in cylindrical(tube) housing.Similarly the overall system design incorporates a motherfor delivering gas with liquid-two streams of liquids intothe static mixer.As the streams move through the mixerthe non-moving elements continuously blend thematerials.Complete mixing is dependent on manyvariables including the fluid properties, tube innerdiameter, the number of elements.and the desian

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Model Size Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Water flow
SK-68615 1/2 inch 20 252 0.4-1 m³/hr
SK-68620 3/4 inch 25 330 0.6-1.2 m³/hr
SK-68625 1 inch 32 420 1-3.2 m³/hr
SK-68640 1.5 inch 50 565 2.2-8 m³/hr
SK-68650 2 inch 63 695 3.5-18 m³/hr


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