How Ozone System with ORP work for your aquaculture

ORP value (oxidation-reduction potential) is an important index in water quality. Although it can not independently reflect the quality of water, it can comprehensively reflect the ecological environment in the aquarium system with other water quality indicators. The changes in water quality constantly affect the life in aquaculture ponds or aquariums. Therefore, real-time online detection of various important indicators of water quality is very important. Some basic indicators include pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc. And an online water quality monitoring instrument that integrates the above functions has emerged.

The steps for ozonated water ORP measurement are as follows:
  1. Insert the redox electrode into the water and wait for the electrode to stabilise.
  2. Record the electrode reading, i.e. ORP value.
  3. Judge the concentration of redox substances in the water and the direction of the redox reaction based on the ORP value.
  4. Maximum and minimum values can be set, and the ozone machine will automatically start and stop when the set range is exceeded.

The significance of ozone water ORP:By measuring the ORP value of ozonated water, we can judge whether the expected treatment effect is achieved in the process of water treatment, and then adjust the treatment programme to improve the treatment efficiency.

Moreover, ORP is widely used in the field of wastewater treatment. Mainly used in the following aspects:

  1. Evaluation of wastewater treatment effect: By measuring the ORP value of ozone wastewater, it can be judged whether the expected treatment effect is achieved during wastewater treatment.
    2. Optimization of wastewater treatment scheme: ORP of ozone wastewater can be used to monitor the change of reaction kinetics during wastewater treatment, which provides a powerful reference for the optimization of wastewater treatment process.
    3. Monitoring of wastewater treatment equipment: ORP of ozone wastewater can be used to monitor the running state of wastewater treatment equipment, find equipment failures in time, and ensure wastewater treatment effect.
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