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Many thanks for your choice of our ozone generator. Your satisfaction is our continuous motivation, we will provide you with the best service from beginning to end. This series product come with high quality and good performance. Because of possible product improvements, your purchase product`s introduction maybe not completely consistent, here by apologize.


1.1,Scope of use

Ozone machine is high-tech environmental protection appliances, this series integrated with power protection, sound and light warning, output concentration regulation, is widely applied to air and water purification, disinfection, sterilization.

1.2,Using Environment

1.2.1,Ambient temperature:-10℃~37℃;

1.2.2,Ambient humidity:≤55%;

1.2.3,There shall be no flammable and explosive gas and conductive powder dusts in the room. It’s not permitted to install the equipment in a place where alkaline air is easy to leak or with risk of explosion.

1.2.4,The ground for equipment installation must be horizontal, and the equipment shall be placed on ground or supports steadily.

1.2.5,There must be draft fan or air conditioner to keep air dry and the operating

environment in good ventilation.


1.3.1,Unique air-cooled cooling technology, Timer (5G-10G); adjustable ozone output (15G-200G)
1.3.2,Cold plate painting external housing, atmospheric and beautiful, durable;
1.3.3,High conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life;
1.3.4,Air-compressor integrated 
1.3.5,Clean dry air feeding, CE certificate

2,Technical Parameters



Ozone capacity g/h

Cooling way

Demension (mm)

Net Weight kg



Cooling water flow



Air cooled










Note: because of the different conditions of using location, the technical parameters listed above may be deviation.

3,Functions & Operation Instruction


  1. Control Panel

(1) Manual control

1.1  On/off indicates : Switch Machine

1.2  Up Indicates : Cumulative Time

1.3  Down Indicates : Time Reduction

1.4  Timer

Air cooling type control Panel
3.2,Operation Instruction

3.2.1 Choose the right concentration of ozone machine to different work environment and purpose, please contact our staff if advice is needed.
3.2.2 Placed the machine at good heat dissipation and ventilation location,make sure silicone hose connected well with ozone outlet. Put the silicone pipeline into disinfected ozone at high location. Prohibited to place the ozone machine inside disinfection space. when used for water treatment, put the silicone tube at least 1.5 meter high place to prevent backwater in case of damage to the equipment;

3.2.3 To achieve the best effect of disinfection, please use it in a closed and unoccupied area.

3.2.4 Ozone machine is divided into two operating modes:

(1)The first is manual control, according to the steps on the panel operation.

(2)The second type is network control. The steps are as follows:

  1. a. Scan the above QR code;
  2. b. Select a region, download and install it;
  3. c. Open the APP, register an account and log in;
  4. d. Access the App, open Bluetooth, click Add device, and scan the device to add device;
  5. e. Add timing function after successful addition (ozone outlet and power socket -AC 220V).

3.2.5 Manually shut down after reaching sterilization time; shut off ozone switch and delay 30 seconds, then close the air pump switch, pull the plug out at this time;

3.2.6 Ozone in indoor generally automatically after 1-2 hours is decomposed into oxygen, if a man may have to stay indoors for a long time, need to do protection measures for inhaling overmuch ozone

3.2.7 When disinfection is completed, please remove the ozone machine to dry ventilated place, avoid high temperature, high humidity environment and in the water, since theses factors affect the performance of ozone machine;

3.2.8 The equipment is not used for a long time, must be placed in dry ventilated place.

4,Safety considerations

4.1 This series of products using 220V/50Hz AC power source, if the voltage and frequency fluctuation range is heavy, may cause damage,abnormal or equipment failure;
4.2 The power cord plugs should keep in contact with the socket firmly, otherwise may cause abnormal electricity or even get an electric shock, endanger personal safety;
4.3 Users should regularly check the power cord; Don’t let the standing legs, or other heavy objects live on the power line ; Please be careful when moving machine, don’t roll or damage the power cord; replaced a new one when the power cord was damage;
4.4 Please do not use in a environment with explosion danger products;
4.5 High voltage inside the machine, it is strictly prohibited to open the back door,touching, or putting hands inside the machine;
4.6 When it don’t work or need to do the maintain, unplug the power. Strictly prohibited to spray, rinse with water.do not place it in the damp, not ventilated place in case affecting the product electric insulation performance;
4.7 Prohibited to remove, modified this product, maintenance must be conducted by a professional or trained personnel;
4.8 Please do not use this product near the high precision electronic equipment,as wave interference may cause wrong operation or other problems;
4.9 Avoid excessive damp, water or other liquid go into this product may cause leakage or other faulty.
4.10 Avoid using volatile solution or organic solvent cleaning the equipment, it might damage the surface of equipment;
4.11 Using qualified safe and reliable grounding connected to avoid eliminate fire hazards;
4.12 Forbidden staff working in the high concentration of ozone space,necessary protective measures must applied when it must go inside..


(1) Fan filtering net cleaning/replacement: the dust net needs regular cleaning due to accumulate

dust from the air (refer to the maintenance cycle table below). Turn off the power before cleaning,and take off the cover of the fan. Then take out the stainless steel fan filtering net, clean it with clean water, and do not re-assemble it until it is dry.


(2) High voltage parts water removal: during humid season, there is moisture on connecting cable of the transformer (the high voltage unit), transformer, and the connecting cables of the ozone module. Dry it with cloth and hair dryer. Otherwise, it may lead to damage of the equipment.


(3) Ozone module inner chamber, discharge tube cleaning/ replacement: accumulate small partialon the inner chamber and electrode from the gas source will lower the ozone production and concentration. Hence, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Appendix 1.(3-10G Ozone Generator Electrical Diagram)
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