Application Of Ozone Machine In Pig Farms

Ozone placed in pig farms can kill viruses and sterilize, prevent the rapid spread of viruses, and also improve air quality. The use of ozone generators in breeding farms can effectively reduce diseases, especially for indoor breeding, such as pigs and oxygen poultry. The effect is particularly obvious.

The current situation of pig farms: In addition to a few large breeding groups, most of cooperatives operate in the form of “company plus farmers”. Pig breeding and product hygiene are difficult to meet standards. Applying ozone to the sanitation and security system of pig raising can effectively ensure the production safety of the entire meat product and let people across the country feel at ease about pork.

Application plan of ozone generator in pig farm

1. Ozone disinfection of pig houses

Pig houses are prone to the spread of bacteria due to problems such as crowding, poor ventilation, and poor cleaning. The infrastructure must be improved and cleanliness must be ensured, as well as regular disinfection, so that the pig house can meet hygienic standards.


1.1 Ozone disinfection of pig house air: Different concentrations of ozone are used for disinfection of living and non-living animals, and the machine is turned on 2 to 3 times a day for 10-60 minutes each time. The sterilization concentration of ozone can be controlled at 5-10ppm (10-20mg/m3). [According to national standards, the disinfection concentration is 20mg/m3].  


1.2 Ozone deodorizes and deodorizes the air in pig houses: Ozone can effectively remove ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases produced by pig excrement. It not only eliminates toxicity, but also removes odor, allowing pigs to enjoy the air of nature.  


Ozone is very important for disinfection of pig houses, especially for piglets with low resistance and prone to disease.  

2. Ozone disinfection of drinking water in pig houses

As the saying goes: Diseases enter through the mouth, and disinfection of drinking water can effectively protect the health of pigs. Therefore, it is very necessary to disinfect drinking water. The drinking water after disinfection by ozone generator is sterile and tasteless, preventing the spread of diseases from water sources. Ozone water has a significant effect on vesicular stomatitis.

3. Ozone disinfection of transportation pipelines and containers

Using ozone water to disinfect pig transportation pipes and containers is the most effective and saves time and trouble. When the concentration of ozone water reaches 10 mg/L or above, it can effectively kill bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, yeast, hepatitis B, polio, etc.

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