The importance of industrial oxygen generators in the food industry

The development and application of industrial oxygen concentrators in the food hygiene and safety industry have four key aspects: ① Kill microbial strains – sterilization, disinfection, and sterilization; ② Air oxidation technology for decomposing organic or inorganic compounds into environmental pollutants – deodorization and purification; ③ It is the decomposition of substances that reflect the […]

Process Description of Ozone Oil Preparation

Raw material: water, olive oil + sunflower oil + lavender oil Step 1: prepare ozone Ozone is prepared by low-pressure hydrolysis method, and the positive and negative poles of the solid membrane electrode are connected by DC voltage to hydrolyze deionized water. Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the form of proton […]

Ozone Quartz Glass Tube

Causes of Ozone Tube Fragmentation 1.Long service time: After long-term service, the ozone tube of the ozone generator will have problems such as aging and wear, resulting in cracks or air leakage in the tube. 2. Over-temperature: The ozone generator will generate heat in the working process. If the equipment has poor heat dissipation or […]

Integrated Recirculating Aquaculture Equipment

1.Why do recirculating aquaculture With the advancement of aquaculture technology and the expansion of market demand, aquaculture in China has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. The remaining bait, chemical residues, and The excreta of aquaculture organisms rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter and toxic substances are continuously discharged into lakes, reservoirs, rivers and […]

Summary of Common Faults of Ozone Generator

Common Fault Analysis The following are some common fault analysis and solutions. When such problems occur, you can follow this table for troubleshooting. Fault Analysis Solutions Remarks Ozone generator is not powered on 1. The power plug is not properly plugged in.2. The voltage level does not meet the requirements.3. Fuse blown. 1. Check the power cord […]

Oxygen Generator with Fine Bubble Oxygen Aerator

Benefits of using oxygen concentrators for aquaculture: Promote fish growth. Reduce combat damage to fish. The density of fish in fish ponds is usually relatively high. If the oxygen content in the water is insufficient, the fish will appear restless, and frequent friction will occur between them, leading to injuries. After the fish are injured, […]

Ozone in recirculating aquaculture systems

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) have potential advantages over pond or cage culture forms. These include flexibility in siting, reduced water usage, reduced effluent volumes, better environmental control and higher yields. Solids removal methods, such as rotary drum filters and sand filter, can remove coarse settleable and filterable solids, but not fine colloidal solids. Likewise, bacterial nitrification […]

How to repair the ozone air tester?

ozone gas tester

Now ozone air tester is a universal but precise instrument for measuring ozone. Since it is a machine, it is inevitable that there will be problems. How to solve if your ozone air tester fails? This article will tell you what you should do when there is a problem with your ozone air tester. Let your ozone […]

Chlorine VS Ozone For Swimming Pools

Health Hazards of Chlorine Swimming Pools Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard. New research suggests that children who swim frequently in chlorinated pools may have increased risks of developing allergies or asthma. Among adults exposure to chlorine in swimming pools has been linked with other health problems including […]


What is ozone used for? Ozone has a wide range of uses due to its excellent sterilization, detoxification, bleaching, and deodorization capabilities: 1. Improvement of industrial production processes in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical factories.2. Building air conditioning and waste water discharge treatment.3. Disinfection and sterilization of tap water and drinking equipment.4. The application of sterilization, […]