Process Description of Ozone Oil Preparation

Raw material: water, olive oil + sunflower oil + lavender oil
Step 1: prepare ozone

Ozone is prepared by low-pressure hydrolysis method, and the positive and negative poles of the solid membrane electrode are connected by DC voltage to hydrolyze deionized water. Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the form of proton exchange at the special anode solution interface, and hydrogen is directly discharged from the cathode solution interface. Oxygen molecules gain energy at the anode interface due to the excitation of electrons generated by high-density current, and are polymerized into ozone.

Step 2: Synthesize ozone

Using ozone solidification application technology, ozone, unsaturated fatty acids, and related vegetable oils are synthesized to form highly pure ozone oil, which can be stored and used for a long time.

Summary: The production process of ozone oil requires the cooperation of modern science and technology, the preparation of ozone through precision instruments, and the synthesis of ozone oil through high-end instruments.

At present, the application of ozone in the medical field has been gradually accepted by people. This acceptance comes from its non-hormonal and non-antibiotic harmless sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects. Finally, I hope everyone can enjoy the scientific and technological products of ozone application in the future.

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