The importance of industrial oxygen generators in the food industry

The development and application of industrial oxygen concentrators in the food hygiene and safety industry have four key aspects:

① Kill microbial strains – sterilization, disinfection, and sterilization;

② Air oxidation technology for decomposing organic or inorganic compounds into environmental pollutants – deodorization and purification;

③ It is the decomposition of substances that reflect the metabolism of vegetables and fruits, inhibiting the entire ripening process – refrigeration;

④ Dissolve organic chemical pesticide residues. The theoretical basis for the scientific research application of Sifang depends on the strong air oxidation solving characteristics and unstable and easily decomposable characteristics of industrial oxygen concentrators in China.

1.Sterilization and disinfection: Industrial oxygen concentrators are a type of vapor disinfectant that can kill bacterial propagules, cells, viral infections, and bacteria, as well as botulinum toxin. Strong sterilization ability.
2.Deodorization and purification Industrial oxygen generators have good odor removal characteristics. Organic chemistry or organic compounds can quickly decompose to create flavors and other flavors, due to their strong air oxidation characteristics. The main components of this type of fragrance are amines, hydrogen chloride, hydroxycarbinols, etc. Industrial production oxygen machines oxidize and decompose air, and the products have no odor.
3.Refrigeration The application of industrial oxygen concentrators in food storage can not only kill or inhibit the growth and development of Aspergillus flavus, avoid spoilage, but also prevent aging and refrigeration. The mechanism is that industrial oxygen concentrators can oxidize and decompose the organic metabolites of fruits and vegetables, which are called out as perfectants - butadiene vapors and butadiene intermediates. However, they can also inhibit microbial strains such as Aspergillus flavus.
4.Dissolve pesticide residues The industrial production of medical oxygen concentrators has strong oxidizing properties, which can effectively decompose residual fertilizers in China's food crops and reduce their adverse effects on the body.
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