Oxygen Generator with Fine Bubble Oxygen Aerator

Benefits of using oxygen concentrators for aquaculture:
  1. Promote fish growth.
  2. Reduce combat damage to fish.
The density of fish in fish ponds is usually relatively high. If the oxygen content in the water is insufficient, the fish will appear restless, and frequent friction will occur between them, leading to injuries. After the fish are injured, the mortality rate will also increase, leading to a loss of fish pond production.
  1. Improve water quality and reduce diseases.
When there is not enough oxygen in the fish pond, anaerobic bacteria will ferment and produce harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, which will worsen the water body. Fish living in such water environment will easily get sick. Reasonable use of aquaculture oxygen generators can increase the dissolved oxygen content in water, avoid anaerobic fermentation, and effectively reduce the occurrence of fish diseases.
1.Mixing method of oxygen concentrator for aquaculture:

Oxygen concentrator (air pump)+aeration diffuser

Connection mode: directly put the oxygen aerator diffuser in the fish pond.

2.Advantages of aeration diffuser:

High-efficiency absorption: fog bubbles with a diameter of 0.05 ~ 0.5 mm, the oxygen absorption rate is 35% when the water depth is 1 meter, and the depth increases by 0.5 meter, the absorption rate increased by 5~8%

High bearing capacity: the proprietary technology makes the ultimate bearing capacity reach 0.7Mpa (kg/cm2), and similar products will never appear that over 0.3Mpa pressure will burst the disk.

High utilization rate: the absorption rate is 3 ~ 5 times that of ordinary microporous nanotubes, saving gas by 40 ~ 60%, and the running cost is similar to that of similar products.

Corrosion resistance: all products are seawater resistant. Anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, long service life without human damage For 5-8 years

Flexible combination: it can be used alone or in combination.

Simple maintenance: it can be restored as before by polishing with 80# sandpaper, and it is convenient to clean.

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