Ozone Quartz Glass Tube

Causes of Ozone Tube Fragmentation
1.Long service time: After long-term service, the ozone tube of the ozone generator will have problems such as aging and wear, resulting in cracks or air leakage in the tube.
2. Over-temperature: The ozone generator will generate heat in the working process. If the equipment has poor heat dissipation or the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature of the ozone tube will be too high, which will affect the service life of the pipeline.
3. Excessive pressure: the ozone tube of the ozone generator needs to bear a certain pressure when working. If the pressure is too high, the tube will be deformed or broken.
4. Bad use environment: Some users may be in bad environments such as high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion when using the ozone generator, which will cause damage to the ozone tube.
1.5. Improper operation: When using the ozone generator, improper operation, such as frequent switching of equipment and excessive ozone output, will burden the ozone tube and lead to damage.

1.Regular inspection: Regularly check the use of ozone tubes and promptly handle any problems found. The condition of the ozone tube can be determined by observing whether there are cracks, air leaks, etc. on the surface of the pipeline.

2.Control the usage time: Reasonably control the usage time of the ozone generator to avoid long-term continuous use. During work breaks, the equipment can be turned off to give the ozone tube time to rest and extend its service life.

3.Maintain good heat dissipation: Ensure that the heat dissipation conditions of the ozone generator are good. The temperature of the ozone tube can be reduced by installing a heat sink, maintaining equipment ventilation, and other methods.

4.Control pressure: Reasonably control the output pressure of the ozone generator to avoid excessive pressure causing damage to the ozone tube.

5.Improving the usage environment: For harsh environments, some measures can be taken to improve, such as installing anti-corrosion coatings, reducing environmental temperature, etc.

6.Correct operation: Operate the ozone generator correctly, avoid frequent equipment switching, excessive ozone output, and other improper operations, and reduce damage to the ozone tube.

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