Application of Ozonated Water System

What area can ozonated water be applied to? QLOZONE will share with you about the application areas and role of ozonated water.

1.Ozone Oil.

Ozone oil is an extension of ozone medicine, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent produced by ozone curing technology developed by a Chinese professor over a period of 20 years. In clinical practice, ozone oil is generally used to treat skin problems such as ringworm, injuries, eczema and gynaecological diseases because it is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, double-layer restorative, non-resistant and has no side effects.

The main effects of ozone oil are: bactericidal, disinfectant, antibacterial; according to the characteristics of ozone to destroy the structure of bacteria to achieve the relevant purposes; currently in the field of dermatology, gynaecology and other areas are widely used, and achieved good results.

2.Ozonated water for greenhouse vegetables.

Ozone has strong oxidizing properties and can rapidly decompose organic matter and kill micro-organisms, so it can be used for disinfection and serialization. In the production of greenhouse vegetables, ozonated water can be used for watering and spraying to protect plants, promote growth and increase yield. Firstly, ozonated water can kill pests and diseases without causing harm to the environment and human body, avoiding the use and harm of pesticides. Secondly, ozonated water can also promote plant growth and increase yields. It can increase the oxygen content in the soil and promote the absorption and utilisation of nutrients by the plant root system, as well as kill harmful microorganisms in the soil and protect the health of plants. Finally, ozonated water can break down harmful gases and odour, keeping the air fresh.

3.Drinking water treatment.

The most widespread and successful area of ozone water application is the treatment of drinking water. Ozone for drinking water treatment, in addition to sterilization effect, no secondary pollution, but also decolourisation, deodorisation, removal of iron, manganese, oxidative decomposition of organic matter and coagulation, some reports point out that the ozone can kill all the harmful substances in the water.Ozone-treated water is colourless and odourless, has a good taste and improves the quality of drinking water.

4.Vegetables and fruits treatment.

From the field to the market of vegetables and fruits, the road through the link is very much from planting to packaging, transport, processing, on the counter, the masses of picking and so on, I do not know how many people how much contact surface. As well as farmers in order to pick early, plus the use of chemical products to ripen the fruit of the child, so we must pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables. The best way is in the washing process, the introduction of sufficient concentration of ozone in the water, it can play a role in killing viruses, degradation of pesticide residues.

A.Highly efficient degradation of pesticides and harmful bacteria, vegetable and fruit washing machine can directly destroy the chemical bond of pesticides and the biological structure of harmful bacteria through ozone. Make pesticides and harmful bacteria into stable inorganic compounds, safe and more secure.

B.Separation of heavy metals, fruit washing machine ozone can be directly dissolved in water heavy metal ions oxidised into insoluble non-toxic high-value compounds, precipitation separation. Effectively remove heavy metal ions from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

5.Food Processing Factory.

Food ingredients (raw meat, defrosted meat, fresh aquatic products, vegetables and fruits directly from the ground, etc.) often carry a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and must be cleaned and sterilized before processing. ozonated water at 4ppm or above significantly reduces or completely destroys a wide range of micro-organisms on the surface of raw materials in a matter of minutes. The concentration of ozone water should be determined according to the soaking time. Ozone water can also degrade pesticide and fertilizer residues in fruit and vegetable raw materials. The use of ozonated water in the process of livestock and poultry slaughtering to rinse ketone bodies, viscera, hands, tools and the ground can not only kill bacteria, but also effectively remove odors and improve the environment of the slaughterhouse.

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