Principle of ozone deodorization

Principle of ozone deodorization

Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability. In its application, it can quickly decompose substances that produce odor and other odors, such as amine, hydrogen sulfide, methylol, etc., and ozone oxidizes them to generate small molecular substances that are nontoxic and odorless. Depending on its strong oxidation performance, it can quickly decompose organic or inorganic substances that produce odor and other odors. The main components that cause odor and putrefaction in nature are amine R3N, hydrogen sulfide H2S, methyl mercaptan CH3SH, etc. Ozone oxidizes and decomposes it, and the product has no smell. Ozone can react with them chemically and decompose them into non-toxic and odorless substances, thus achieving the effect of deodorization.

The reaction formula is as follows




CH3SH+O3→[CH3-S-S-CH3] ——-→CH3-SO3H+O2

Advantages of ozone deodorization

Low cost of ozone deodorization: Ozone deodorization relies on the reaction between high concentration ozone gas and substances that produce odors and odors. The production of ozone directly uses air as raw material, undergoes oxygen purification, and is then produced by high-voltage electric shock. Therefore, the cost of using ozone deodorization is extremely low. Some deodorizers use some deodorizing liquids, but they are all consumables, and long-term use can be very costly. The effectiveness of ozone deodorization has been verified: Some people may doubt whether ozone can deodorize, and many ozone users have proven that the deodorization effect of ozone is very obvious. Ozone (O3) is a colorless gas at room temperature, with a special grassy smell and strong oxidation ability. Its stability is extremely poor, and it can decompose into oxygen on its own at room temperature. It is usually mixed in a thin state in the atmosphere. Compared to oxygen, ozone has a higher proportion, is odorous, colored, soluble in water, and easily decomposes. Due to the fact that ozone (O3) is composed of an oxygen molecule carrying an oxygen atom, it is only a temporary form, and the carried oxygen atoms are not only used up by oxidation, but also combined into oxygen (O2) to enter a stable state. So there is no secondary pollution generated during the ozone disinfection process, which provides timely assistance to human environmental protection needs. This is the greatest advantage of the application of ozone technology.

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