Application of ozone generator in farm

The main application methods of ozone in farms

Ozone can effectively remove odor and ammonia in pig farms, decompose odors, and purify the air. After using ozone, the air quality has been significantly improved. The air disinfection ozone generator generates ozone into the breeding shed. First, it decomposes and reacts with the odor emitted by pig excrement to remove the odor. When the odor is removed to a certain extent and smells ozone, the E. coli in the pig farm , Staphylococcus and other viruses are basically killed thereupon. Disinfection and sterilization: injecting ozone into pig farms and farms can quickly kill Escherichia coli, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spore bacteria and other germs and pathogens, and can also decompose and oxidize various organic and inorganic substances

The characteristics of ozone generator used in farming:

1.Ozone is reduced to oxygen after it reacts in the air or water, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the air or water. Therefore, there is no harm to the healthy cells of humans and animals.

2.The ozone generator has a powerful disinfection function and has a very good effect of deodorization and deodorization. It can produce a large amount of oxygen gas to decompose the harmful gases such as regas, sulfide and other gases in the pen, and make them far away. is an advantage over any other elimination.

3.The ozone machine can disinfect the air and drinking water in the pen at the same time, which is impossible for any other disinfection method.

4.Strong bactericidal ability, its bactericidal ability is 1.5-5 times that of ultraviolet rays, 1 times higher than chlorine, and the sterilization speed in water is 600-300 times faster than chlorine.

5.Thorough anti-virus without dead ends, no residue, environmentally friendly and efficient without secondary pollution.

The use of ozone generators in the farming process has the following benefits:

1.Improve the growth rate of livestock and poultry, effectively increase the blood oxygen content of live livestock and poultry, improve the gastrointestinal tract environment, promote nutrient absorption, improve feed conversion rate, make livestock and poultry gain weight faster, go out of the market early, and increase the input-output ratio .

2.Improve food safety and quality. It can reduce the use of drugs such as antibiotics in the breeding process, reduce production costs, and improve food safety and quality.

3.Improve the breeding environment in pens, effectively remove harmful gases such as internal regas, sulfur, etc., eliminate odors, and effectively kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It can be used to prevent secondary pollution, thereby improving the survival rate of livestock and poultry and reducing the mortality of livestock and poultry.

4.Activate the immune cells of livestock and poultry, improve their disease resistance, and improve the survival rate of livestock and poultry

5.Ozone can quickly kill various pathogenic microorganisms in the air, effectively preventing the spread of livestock and poultry infectious diseases

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