Application of ozone water

Ozone can effectively remove organic matter, chromaticity, and odors from water. Ozone can oxidize and decompose organic matter, including dissolved organic matter, benzene, formaldehyde, etc., thereby improving the quality of water. Ozone is the most oxidizing substance in nature, with a much stronger oxidizing ability than chlorine, and does not produce residues or by-products, making it safer.

1). Function of ozone in water:

Ozone is injected into water through silicone tube, which has the functions of sterilization, deodorization, detoxification, bleaching, beauty and disease removal.

2). The application range of ozone in water:

1.Remove pesticide residues from melons, fruits, and vegetables.
Add newly purchased vegetables, melons, and fruits to water, inject ozone for ten minutes, and then remove their pesticide residues. They taste fresh and delicious again.

2.Remove the residual toxins of hormones and antibiotics from chickens, fish, and meat.
Put the purchased chicken, pig, beef, lamb, fish, and shellfish into water and inject ozone for 20 minutes. The surface will produce a lot of foam.

3.Ozone is also applied in wastewater treatment, as it can be used to remove organic matter, color, and odor from wastewater, improving treatment efficiency and water quality. Ozone oxidation can decompose organic matter, reduce the content of Chemical oxygen demand (COD) and Total suspended solids (TSS), so that the sewage can meet the discharge standard.

4.Applied in swimming pool water: Ozone can control the growth of algae and the accumulation of pollutants in the water, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance and cleaning. Ozone can effectively reduce the amount of organic matter and microorganisms in water, maintaining the cleanliness and stability of the circulating water system.

5.It can kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms in water. Ozone can effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria in water, thereby protecting people’s health. The bactericidal effect of ozone in drinking water treatment is faster, more thorough, residue free, and safer than traditional chlorine disinfection. Purify water quality to ensure the hygiene and safety of drinking water.

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