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Ozone generator is a strong kitchen odor eliminator that is great for commercial kitchen odor removal.

The problem of commercial kitchen are always meet now:

qlozone kitchen ozone generator

Commercial kitchens where often cook at high heat, use deep fryers … so the cooking fumes and exhaust air will contain large grease particles amounts, odor molecules, soot and heat energy. The grease under the effect of heat will transfer to gaseous form, liquid form, or aerosol form.

If not using ozone application for exhaust ventilation of commercial kitchens, the large grease particles in the kitchen hood will be entrapped back. Part of smaller airborne grease particles and odors will through the ventilation duct adhere to the fan, the duct walls, the heat exchanger or the pre-filter, etc. The rest part passes into the environment.

Over time during use, fat deposits will accumulate in the kitchen ventilation system that is a large fire hazard if grease ignites.

Besides, odors emitted from the commercial kitchen ventilation exhausts to the surrounding environment can make residents complain.

How to Treat Kitchen Odors:

Ozone will remove kitchen odors that result from Burning, Frying, Moisture, Strong Seasoning and other food preparation smells.

QLC ozone generator is design for commercial kitchen. Wall-mounted installation, easy to operate, just connect the ozone outlet pipe to the fume pipe, in order to extend the life of the machine, as far as possible to install the machine in a dry and ventilated environment.

After installation, set up well the timer. Then QLC can start working and stop working by itself. Every day sterilization 1-2 hrs in the morning or at night.

QLC 10G kitchen pipeline ozone generator

Advantage of using ozone generator:

Ozone can break down grease into water and carbon dioxide

The reduction in grease ensures a cleaner kitchen environment, which is very important for restaurants

By reducing the odors, it can reduce its damage to the respiratory tract and create a healthier environment

Save money by eliminating the cost of cleaning the ventilation ducts and reducing energy consumption

The reduction is grease can reduce the probability of dust explosions.

Contact us for the most effective commercial kitchen exhaust gas treatment solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions.

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