Ozone For Aquaculture Treatment

With the rapid development of aquaculture in China, various advanced water treatment technologies have been widely used, such as sand filtration, microbial purification, ultraviolet sterilization and foam separation. However, with the popularization and application of industrialized closed circulating water aquaculture equipment in actual production, the production conditions of high-density and small water bodies have stricter requirements on water quality. Therefore, the technology of using ozone with high efficiency and rapidity to treat water quality came into being.

1. Factors restricting aquaculture:
(1) The water quality is too poor, and the microbial ammonia nitrogen in the water exceeds the standard;
(2) There are too many plankton in aquaculture water, and the water body is aerobic with high oxygen content and low oxygen content;
(3) A large amount of aquatic drugs were added, and there were residues;
(4) feeding corrupt bait;
(5) Frequent fish diseases and a large number of deaths.

Therefore, the technology of using ozone with high efficiency and rapidity to treat water quality came into being. QLOZONE briefly shared the application of ozone in aquaculture.

Application of ozone in aquaculture:

L1. In aquaculture, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and cyanamide, which are harmful to fish in fresh water or seawater for aquaculture, can be oxidized by ozone into non-toxic NO, SO, N and other organic substances, and inorganic substances can also be degraded into non-toxic substances, thus reducing biological oxygen consumption (BOD) and chemical oxygen consumption (COD) in water:

2. The strong oxidation of ozone can quickly kill the original vivid plants such as algae. It is reported that after taking red tide seawater for 30 minutes of ozone treatment, the red tide seawater is completely oxidized and becomes colorless and transparent, and all the noctilucent insects in the water are killed and crushed;

3. Ozone can quickly and effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria existing in the water that endanger the biological health of buffalo;

4. Because ozone is easily decomposed into zero in water, it can not only play the role of sterilization and disinfection, but also make the water body oxygenated until it kills two birds with one stone;

5. In the process of purifying the water quality of aquaculture, ozone will not change the original components in the water, but can keep the minerals beneficial to aquatic animals contained in the water.

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