Do ozone generators work in cars

As we all know, ozone generators can clean the air efficiently and quickly. As a very common means of transportation, many people travel by car. However, due to limited space and few places for ventilation, most cars always have peculiar smells in their cars. This odor is not only unpleasant, but also makes some passengers uncomfortable and cause motion sickness. Do ozone generators work in cars? In fact, it is completely capable. Now the ozone generator for car instructions has appeared on the market, which is an ozone generator specially designed for cars. This article will introduce you to ozone generator for car and let you know more about ozone generator for car.

12/24v ceramic plate ozone generator for car

1. The compact design of ozone generator for car provides convenience for working in the car

2. Ozone generator for car cleaning

3. Ozone generator for car smoke

4. Precautions for the use of ozone generator for car

1. The compact design of ozone generator for car provides convenience for working in the car

Because the space of the car is not large enough, in order to make the zone generator for car work better in the car, the ozone generator for car is usually designed to be small and light. You can easily move the ozone generator for car. You dont need to worry about the size of the ozone generator for car being too large to fit in the car. And Our modelQLA-5G-C with the dimension: 33*16*21cm, portable designed and light weight, with cigarette lighter plug, its suitable for car used.

2. Ozone generator for car cleaning

The peculiar smell in the car actually comes from the growth of bacteria. , Especially the bacterial odor in the air-conditioning ducts of cars. Simply relying on ventilation, exposure to the sun, or ultraviolet rays is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning, because the bacteria in the workshop are hidden in the corners and are difficult to reach. ozone generator for car can produce ozone, which is a very oxidizing gas. You only need to turn on the internal circulation of the air conditioner in the car, put the ozone generator for car instructions at the air-conditioning suction port, and deliver the ozone to every corner of the car through the external circulation system of the air conditioner, allowing the ozone to react with the bacteria in the corner and decompose it And kill the bacteria in the car. Ozone generator for car cleaning cleans the inside of the car while also protecting your health.

3.Ozone generator for car smoke

Many drivers like to smoke when driving, because smoking can refresh the driver during the long journey. However, even if the window is opened, the smell of smoke will remain in the car, which makes passengers who do not like the smell of smoke feel uncomfortable. More importantly, if the driver stays in a smoke-smelling environment for a long time, it will definitely have a bad effect on the driver’s body. Ozone generator for car smoke can eliminate the smell of smoke in the car. The extremely strong oxidizing properties of ozone can make it react with any substance, including smoke, so ozone and the substance that produces smoke will react chemically to eliminate the smell of smoke. You only need to let the ozone generator work in the car for five minutes to give you a fresh air in the car environment.The second major function is to purify the air in the car, especially for the residual smoke smell, so that we can have a better driving environment when driving. The purify area of our 5G ozone generator for car: 0-120, which is total enough to disinfect a whole car spaces. There also have a timer control which could set up the working time of 30 mins to disinfect the car, keep air fresher and cleaner after purification. 

4. Precautions for the use of ozone generator for car

When using ozone generator for car, you must make sure the space is airtight. You have to close the car windows and sunroof tightly, and the ozone generator for car can produce the best purification effect in a closed environment. If the space is not airtight, it will affect the use effect and prolong the purification time.The ozone generator for car can only be used when it is connected to the power supply. You must pay attention to the voltage required by the ozone generator for car when purchasing. If the voltage is too high, it will cause damage to your car.

Safety considerations:

1) . This series of products using DC 12V power source, if the voltage and frequency fluctuation range is heavy, may cause damage,abnormal or equipment failure.

2) The power cord plugs should keep in contact with the socket firmly, otherwise may cause abnormal electricity or even get an electric shock, endanger personal safety.

3) Please do not use in a environment with explosion danger products. 

I hope this article can help you understand the ozone generator for car instructions and help you purchase the best ozone generator for car. QLOZONE is a famous ozone generator manufacturer, including industrial ozone generator, ozone generator for car and household ozone generator.

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