Ozone generator for Child Care and Schools – Daily Disinfection

  • Ozone is a kind of fishy light blue gas, the atmosphere also contains a small amount of ozone, but the concentration is generally low in 0.02mg/m3, according to the authoritative experts: the ozone concentration in the atmosphere is less than 02mg/m3, no harm to the human body, but also purify the air, only for a long time to stay in the ozone concentration in the environment, will affect the human respiratory system. In addition, the ozone disinfection wavelength of 184,9nm of ultraviolet light can be atmospheric oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3), to the effect of ozone sterilization, O3 mold have a killing effect. o3 due to poor stability, will soon decompose themselves into oxygen or a single oxygen atom, and a single oxygen atom can combine themselves into oxygen molecules, there is no toxic residues.

Disinfect and deodorize with ozone to ensure that our children are safe from dangerous bacteria in our schools, day care centers, and extracurricular facilities.  With High Output Ozone Generators it is now possible to conduct daily disinfection treatments.  Treating your schools / classrooms during downtimes provides a safer environment for students and staff, and they will appreciate the fresh, clean smelling environment, instead of the artificial fragrances typically applied to mask odor problems.

Ozone generator can be used in schools,Kindergartens,early education centers,dormitories,canteens and other spaces to protect the health of children. It can effectively remove common E. coli bacteria, mold, and prevent influenza and hand, foot and mouth disease.

The Air Pollution is compounding the worries of parents.  school districts are implementing more robust methods of disinfecting their schools and keeping kids safe from infection. But some may not know that one of nature’s best weapons agains and bacteria is ozonated water.

Ozone is a strong oxidant that acts as a natural sanitizer. Sanitization using ozone removes the need for dangerous chemical disinfectants and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sanitization products. Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is 50 times more effective. After the sanitization process ozone simply reforms into oxygen molecules, without emitting any harmful by-products.

Ozonated water, or aqueous ozone, has tremendous oxidation and bacteria-killing properties. There are still some misconceptions regarding the safety and efficacy of using ozonated water as a disinfectant. There may be concerns about the side effects of ozone.

Sanitizing School Furniture with Ozonated Water

Ozonated water is an aqueous disinfectant that is safer for both those that apply it and for students, as it leaves no chemical residues. It does not make the surfaces sticky or leave a pungent odor in the environment. In fact, ozonated water removes odor from surfaces that might cause other diseases.

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