Ozone generator for shrimp fish ponds

What is Ozone Generator for Aquaculture/ Fish Farming?

An ozone generator for aquaculture is a device that produces ozone gas, which is used to treat water in aquaculture systems. Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can disinfect water and remove organic compounds, pathogens, and other contaminants that can harm fish and other aquatic organisms.

We use ozone for advanced water treatment

“This includes bacterial disinfection, removal of dissolved organics, and removal of fine particulate solids. Otherwise, harmful bacteria and waste products can accumulate to detrimental levels in recirculating aquaculture systems.”

With ozone water treatment, there are two different technical areas,“There’s ozone generation and then the application of ozone to the water. You need both working together, and Qlozone company provides ozone generation so that we can focus on ozone application.”

An ancillary benefit of using ozone for disinfection is the oxygen provided by the gas flow from the oxygen-ozone generator. “You have to supply dissolved oxygen to the shrimp one way or another.

Open pond shrimp aquaculture is seasonal. Fresh shrimp draws a premium price but frozen shrimp sold out of season has to compete on the global market. As a result, many  aquaculture operations went out of business.  we can used  it utilizes a closed system, farms year-round.

Ozone treatment is considered an environmentally friendly method of water treatment because it does not leave behind harmful residues or byproducts, unlike some chemical treatments. It also reduces the need for water changes, which can help conserve water and reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture.

We see a huge future for ozone in aquaculture with a lot of emerging applications, especially in closed operations away from coastal areas.
Overall, ozone generators are an important tool for maintaining water quality in aquaculture systems, helping to promote healthy and sustainable practices in fish farming.

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