Ozone generator use in drinking water

1. What is ozone generator and why we use ozone generator for drinking water?

 Ozone, also known as trioxygen, has the chemical formula O3 and is composed of three oxygen atoms

 Ozone generator is one of the most power oxidation tools water treatment professionals have for purification and disinfection.

 Ozone generator is a compact, integrated and ready to use system that produces the ultra clean gas ozone by just giving power connection to it. Ozone treatment is a unique and valuable process. Ozone generator generates ozone more effectively using a minimal amount of electrical power.

 Treatment of potable water using ozone is a unique and viable process. Why because, ozone is one of the strongest oxidants and disinfectants approved for drinking water treatment capable of destroying microorganisms instantly and effectively without leaving harmful residue in treated water.

ozone drinking water system

2.Different betweem ozone and chemical treatments: 

Ozone (O3) form ozone generator has greater disinfection effectiveness and thereby destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans to produce the purest form of water without leaving any harmful residues. Ozone is safer and environmentally friendlier than most other antimicrobials. The rate at which ozone kills bacteria is 3k times more than chlorination. 

Ozone has superior ability to reduce concentrations of metals and non-metals like iron, manganese, and sulfur and organic matter. It also eliminates unpleasant tastes, odors and toxic substances in water.

ozone drinking water system

 The benefits of ozone generator use in drinking water:

 1. Major benefit of ozone is that no chemicals are added to the water like chlorine based systems which create tri-halo-methane as its byproduct.

2. Ozone has a very strong oxidizing power and it oxidize metals in water such as manganese, iron and sulfur into insoluble particles so that they can be filtered out.

3. Treatment of drinking water using ozone removes/kills 99% of all bacteria in drinking water.

4. Disinfectant called ozone has stronger germicidal properties than chlorination. i.e. ozone reacts 3,000 times than chlorine.

5. Ozone doesn’t leave any residues because it does not stay in water for a longer period time.

6. It is an effective agent for removing bad taste, odor and color from drinking water.

7. Ozone (O3) leaves water in its most nature state and the only by-product ozone leaves behind is oxygen (O2).

8. Ozone makes your drinking water 100% pure and gives the water sparkling appearance.

ozone drinking water system for drinking water
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