Ozonated Water for Fish Gelatin Cleaning

Fish gelatin is a dried product of the fish swim bladder (an auxiliary respiratory organ), which is rich in gelatin, hence the name fish glue. Fish gelatin, along with bird’s nest and shark’s fin, is one of the “Eight Treasures” and is known as the “Sea Ginseng”. It has the effects of replenishing physical strength, beautifying the skin, and promoting gastrointestinal function.

1). Supplement physical strength: Fish gelatin has a high content of protein and a low content of fat. It is a truly high protein and low fat food, which can be eaten by men, women, old and young. It is a precious tonic that can be used to supplement but not dry. A moderate amount of fish gelatin can supplement physical strength. In addition, fish glue can provide a relatively rich amount of amino acids, which helps promote the synthesis of immunoglobulins in the body, and has a certain effect on enhancing physical strength and nutrition.

2). Beauty: Fish gelatin is rich in collagen. Eating fish glue can help to replenish the collagen lacking in the skin, and alleviate skin relaxation, wrinkles, dryness, etc.

3). Promote gastrointestinal function: Fish gelatin helps to enhance the digestive and absorption functions of the gastrointestinal tract, increase appetite, and have a certain relieving effect on symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, and constipation.

But just taken out of the fish belly of fresh fish glue has a layer of grease with the inner membrane, for the new glue, did not go to the inner membrane of the fishy flavour is relatively heavy, if there is no to go to the inner membrane of the dried fish glue stored to the late easy to come out of the oil, a serious impact on the taste and aesthetics.

Many merchants in order to make the appearance of fish glue more beautiful, better appearance, after the treatment of hydrogen peroxide, soaked, rotten, dull colour all rinsed off, rinsed, and then fumigated with sulphur dioxide, fish glue colour, yellow can be very beautiful, of course, the price can be sold at a higher price.

These are rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, sulphur dioxide hydrogen peroxide, fish glue on the flaws are gone, appear white, that fish glue can never eat.

The use of ozone water cleaning fish gelatin is the safest, most effective, and can remove the fishy odour approach. The bactericidal and deodorising action of ozonated water helps to extend the freshness of raw fish. By removing bacteria and microorganisms on the surface, it effectively decomposes and removes odourous substances on the surface of the fish, giving the fish a fresher smell and taste, and at the same time slows down the spoilage process of the fish, prolonging its preservation time.

Ozonated water, as an effective and safe cleaning agent, has the potential to be widely used in food processing and distribution. However, when using ozonated water for rinsing and cleaning of fish gelatine, it is still necessary to follow the relevant hygiene standards and operating procedures to ensure food safety and hygiene while providing quality raw fish gelatine products to consumers.

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