What is Pool Ozone? How It Works, Cost?

Swimming pool problem

The swimming pool becomes “green”? The waterbecomes dirty? And green algae breed in the bottom and walkways of the swimming pool.
Swimming pool water quality is an important issue, which is closely related to health and safety. Swimming pool disinfection is an important step in swimming pool water treatment. The era of chlorine disinfection has gradually passed. Although chlorine and other chemicals can treat swimming pools well, while chlorine kills bacteria, it forms amines chloride and other chemical substances with urea and organic compounds. Amines chloride and other volatile compounds are the main compounds that cause special odor in the indoor swimming pool hall and stimulate human eyes, ears, nose and other organs. They will produce harmful chemicals that endanger human health. So how to solve these problems ? What can we do ?

What is Pool Ozone?

qlozone ozone generator for swimming pool

With the reform and opening up, some swimming pools that hold official or national competitions have been equipped with ozone treatment  according to regulations or specifications. Ozone has long been proved to be the strongest oxidant in the water treatment process except for fluorine. It can decompose organic matter at a reaction rate hundreds of times higher than chlorine to prevent chlorine and urea from combining into chloramine. In addition, the hydroxyl formed in the water after ozone decomposition can hydrolyze multivalent metal ions into colloidal compounds, which are filtered out through a sand filter, which not only improves the perception of water. At the same time, there are no residual concerns.

How Does a Pool Ozone Generator Work?

Usually, the ozone is injected into the water by the venturi installed on the bypass pipe. In order to ensure the water inlet pressure of the venturi, a booster pump is installed on the bypass pipe to pressurize. The water and ozone mixture after the venturi enter the reaction tank from the upper side to fully contact, and then the water exits from the lower side to connect with the main circulating water of the swimming pool. The water in the bypass pipe is sterilized under high ozone concentration and then mixed with the water in the main pipe to produce an oxidation reaction. The commercial swimming pool water cycle is 6h, and the water flow of the bypass pipe is 5% to 15% of the main flow of the circulating water, which can ensure that the ozone has sufficient mass transfer efficiency and sufficient contact time before entering the main line.

Onsite Installation Reference:

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ozone for swimming pool
ozone for swimming pool
ozone pool

Benefits of Using Ozone for Swimming Pool Application:

The Ozone pool will be much cleaner, which means dirt, grease, oils, organics and other materials will wind up in the filter system much faster than with chlorinated systems. That is why, proper maintenance of the filter system is important.

  • No chlorine smell – Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic matter without forming byproducts such as chloramines (which are responsible for chlorine smell).


  • Decrease in Chlorine use – saves money on cost of chemicals on the long term.


  • Healthier swimming water – water quality will be safer and healthier for active pool users and swimmers.


  • Ozone has no toxic or harmful residues in comparison to chlorine which is known to create residues (Chloramine, THM etc.).


  • Increased Filtration Efficiency –  biodegradation rate of natural organic matter is increased, large molecules are diminished into smaller molecules which can be decomposed by the pool filter more easily.


  • Ozone prevents clogging and and increases filter capacity.


  • Ozone will prevent eye irritation.


  • Ozone will not discolor bathing suits.
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