Is Ozone Harmful to Humans?

Ozone is both harmful and beneficial to humans. Many things are not one-sided, and so is ozone. It is undoubtedly misleading if it is not a specific analysis of the specific situation, but a generalization. Even the water that is indispensable to the human body can cause water poisoning under special circumstances (drinking a large amount of water at one time).

Where does ozone come from?

The well-known ozone layer, whose main component is ozone, can help humans resist harmful ultraviolet rays from space. Ozone in nature is produced by the discharge of high  voltage or high-intensity ultraviolet rays. Ozone itself is also very easy to decay into oxygen. The ozone in the ozone layer is constantly decomposed and constantly produced, which is a dynamic balance.

In the hot summer, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is high, and the ozone concentration in the atmosphere will increase accordingly. Ozone will also appear near the surface, causing ozone pollution, which is also one of the environmental pollution issues that have gradually attracted attention in recent years. In addition, motor vehicle engines may generate ozone and emit it.

Humans can make ozone in a variety of ways for disinfection and decolorization and deodorization. Common methods of producing ozone include high voltage discharge and ultraviolet irradiation, and chemical reaction. Among them, the chemical reaction to produce ozone is not suitable for industrial and daily use because the reaction is relatively fierce.

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What can ozone do?

Ozone itself is extremely oxidizing. It will react with many organic and metal substances and cause corrosion to organic materials and metals. Stainless steel is very resistant to ozone corrosion.

The corrosion of ozone on organics is not limited to organic materials. Ozone changes the permeability of bacterial cell membranes, causing bacterial cells to die. Ozone can also cause the RNA and DNA of the virus to break, making the virus inactive and dead. This is one of the basic reasons why ozone is used as a disinfectant.

When ozone is dissolved in water, it will react with organic pigments, destroy the carbon chain of pigment molecules, and achieve the purpose of color removal. Ozone will also react with some odor molecules to generate other substances to deodorize.

The harm of ozone to the human body!

With the exception of certain highly toxic substances, let alone doses of toxicity is a hooligan. Ozone is harmful to the human body only at high concentrations. But before ozone can actually cause harm, humans can already smell the pungent odor of ozone. When the human body is exposed to high concentrations of ozone, ozone can damage the human respiratory tract and cause eye irritation. Prolonged exposure may cause pulmonary edema and reduce the oxygen content of the blood. In severe cases, it can cause shock or even death.

The above is considered to be more extreme. Even in the summer with ozone pollution, the biggest impact on the human body is only olfactory stimulation. However, for people with respiratory-related diseases, ozone pollution has a greater impact and is more likely to cause discomfort.

Treat ozone right!

Ozone can indeed be harmful to the human body, but it is indeed useful too. Safe use of ozone is very easy. Regardless of whether it is industrially used for wastewater treatment or daily sterilization, the standardized operation and use of ozone generators can reduce the possibility of ozone harm to a minimum. When buying an ozone generator, you should also pay attention not to buy fake and shoddy products to avoid increasing the risk of use.

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